Chrono Trigger Crimson Echoes


Includes: Game Cartridge, Box, Insert, and Poster

It has been five years since the events of Chrono Trigger have passed. The world is now at peace and time remains at ease. Crono and Marie are junior regents of the Kingdom of Guardia, while Lucca continues her scientific endeavours. While the three are in attendance of a political meeting between the Kingdom of Guardia and Porre, an assassin attacks. While in pursuit of the assassin one of Lucca’s prototype Time Eggs backfires sending the team to the future. There they find Belthasar who warns of a new threat to the timeline, and sends the part to the Ocean Place ruins of 11,995 B.C. to investigate.

They find Magus, still searching for Schala and fueding with Dalton. Mysteriously they also encounter King Zeal who is still alive. He resurrects Schala and robs the early Masamune, still embedded in the husk of the Mammon Machine. King Zeal is in possession of a mysterious power known as the Frozen Flame and seeks to bring chaos to the timeline once again. It is up to Crono and the team to uncover the truth and put a stop to this new evil that threatens the time line they fought to preserve.