Dragon Quest I & II


Includes: Game Cartridge, Box, Insert, and Poster

Dragon Quest I
For Many years the Kingdom of Alefgard was shrouded in complete darkness. A brave warrior by the name of Loto restored the light to the land with the sacred balls of light. These magical relics were used to drive away enemies that threatened the land. Loto entrusted the balls of light to King Lorik, and for many years Alefgard was at peace.

However a dark man known as the Dragon Lord has appeared and is threatening this peace again. Loto has vanished and a new hero is now needed…

Dragon Quest II
One hundred years have passed since the time of darkness. Suddenly a century of peace is ended when the evil wizard Hargon destroys the country of Moonbrooke. The King of Lorasia commands his son Prince of Lorasia, to find his cousins, Prince of Cannockand, and Princess of Moonbrooke.

They are descendants of Loto and share his blood. Together they must defeat the evil Hargon and restore peace to their kingdoms.