Fire Emblem Genealogy of The Holy War


Includes: Game Cartridge, Box, Insert, and Poster

The story of this war begins with Prince Kurth, son of King Azmur of Grannvale. In response to an invasion of barbarians from the land Isaach, the Prince made the decision to use the Grannvaleian army to attack the Kingdom of Isaach. This was a careless decision as the two kingdoms of Grannvale and Isaach had been at peace for many years.

Lord Sigurd of Chalphy remained in Chalphy castle while his father Vylon was away fighting in Isaach alongside Prince Kurth and the entire army of Grannvale. He believed he had nothing to fear, as there were no invasions or threats from other countries in the continent of Jugdral… Unfortunately Sigurd was mistaken.

While Grannvale was at war Prince Gandolf of Verdane used this opportunity to move his army into Grannvale and capture Junby Castle on the border of Grannvale and Verdane. Princess Adean along with a few knights had remained in Junby Castle but there were unable to stop Prince Gandolf and his invading army. The Princess was taken by Prince Gandolf as a hostage, intending to force her to marry him.

Upon hearing of this news Lord Sigurd gathered what soldiers remained and sought out to save the Princess, and with this the Holy War was started.