Front Mission


Includes: Game Cartridge, Box, Insert, and Poster

The year is 2090 and a great conflict is looming on a small land mass that is Huffman Island in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Mexico. Captain Royd Clive is a member of the Oceania Cooperative Union, an alliance created in 2025 with the Oriental Asian nations and Australia they wish to have this island under their control. The United States of the New Continent (USN), a unification of North American and South American countries also laid claim to this island.

Royd is sent to investigate a USN munitions plant in the Larcus District, located on eastern Huffman Island. Upon reaching the premises, the platoon is ambushed by USN wanzers led by an officer named Driscoll. He quickly ambushes Karen Meure, Royd’s fiancée, and destroys her wanzer. As the two forces engage in battle, Driscoll detonates explosives inside the plant and escapes. The USN accuses the OCU of the attack, later known as the Larcus Incident, but the OCU insists that the incident was a set-up. Both sides soon declare war, setting off the 2nd Huffman Conflict. It is now up to you to settle this clash and reveal the truth. Failing to do so could cause an even greater conflict that would engulf the world in war.